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Vellore is set to get the best e-Commerce experience yet. Development is under way for the Vellore Pages City Portal. This new Web Portal will feature a host of Internet-based services we have been waiting for.

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Imagine a site where you can buy Everything from groceries to air conditioners...

Where a single account can pay for everything from advertising to purchases...

And everything is supplied to you from Vellore itself!

Don't imagine any more!


Imagine a site where you can place standard classified ads for FREE

And where Premium Classifieds cost and insanely low ₹1 per day...

And you can run a classified ad for as long or short as you please...

Don't imagine any more!


Imagine a site where you can advertise your products and services directly targeted to your local clientele.

Where your advertising costs depend on how much you want to spend.

Where your payment options are flexible and the placement of ads is by your choice.

Don't imagine any more!


Imagine a site where you can find people, products and services at the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen.

And where you can put yourself on the directory for FREE, and your business gets found easily

Don't imagine any more!


Imagine a site where you can buy, sell, rent, least your property.

And if it costs as little as just placing an advertisement?

And you can promote properties too!

Don't imagine any more!